Saturday, May 24, 2014

May 24th, 2014

Tonight's winds

Evening everyone!

Winds have at last began to shift away from their previously northerly direction tonight, as they are now easterly. As it happens, they're coming through pretty weakly, so by late tonight, birds may be moving diagonally across the state (from southeast of us to northwest of us) in at least moderate concentrations. But thus far tonight, migration through our state has been pretty sparse. Moderate migration is currently occurring in the northern third of our state, but elsewhere migration is pretty much light. So unless the birds pick up the pace a little bit more tonight, tomorrow morning shouldn't be a time of explosive avian variety. Regardless, migration still has a huge variety of birds deposited around our state, so if you can get out there tomorrow, do it!

Radar at the time of this post
Looking ahead a few days, winds are finally set to return to their southerly position tomorrow morning, and are forecast to remain so throughout the state at least through Monday. So tomorrow night especially, the skies should be hoppin' with birds.

That's all for tonight, folks. The state's pretty uniformly mellow tonight, so there's not too much reason to divide up by region. Still, here's the eBird page to predict what you'll be finding tomorrow.

Happy birding!

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