Saturday, March 5, 2016

Spring 2016 Introduction

Hello birding friends,

As you have probably noticed, many birds are singing, the first migrants are appearing in the state, and other signs of spring are popping up all around, so I thought it would be an opportune time to post about this spring's migration reports - especially with the warm weather forecast for this week!

This semester is turning out to be my busiest semester ever, by far, so there will be some changes to Illinois migration least for this season. I know that my musical studies and school take priority in my life, so there will be a reduction in the number of migration report posts this spring.

Starting with tonight, I will monitor the national composite radar and wind forecasts, and I will not post UNLESS I see a possible moderately large to large movement of migrants anywhere over Illinois. This means that I will not be making daily posts this spring (the strains of already balancing homework and practicing are very intense this semester); however, I will post if I see a possibility for a large movement of birds.

This also means that my posts will be less scientific and analytical at least for this spring, just so that I can get right to the point and so that it takes less time for me.

Forecast for tonight: Only light or moderate movement should be expected tonight because of easterly winds found over the area.

Here are some great resources to consult and help you forecast migration this spring. Other links can be found on the right sidebar.

National composite radar - green or blue "blobs" (i.e. not weather systems) indicate bird movements (

Current wind map - winds from the south in the spring mean greater chances for migrating birds (note that other factors, such as amount of cloud cover, play into this as well) (,40.03,2455)

BirdCast migration forecast updated weekly (

Woodcreeper - Migration FAQ (


Thank you for your understanding in that I have a very busy schedule and have to prioritize this spring.

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I do not know when I will make my second migration report because it all depends on the level of migrants, so until then, good birding!

Henry Griffin
trumpetswan (at)

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