Friday, May 27, 2016

5-28-16: Final Spring 2016 Migration Report

Hello birding friends,

Tonight, Illinois is experiencing very little migration due to the weather systems that are moving across the state. This doesn't; however, mean that the birding will be "bad" tomorrow - it just means there will be little turnover which actually might be a good thing in that it means it is keeping those migrants around at least one night longer. ;-)

This will be the final migration report of spring 2016 - I sincerely hope they have proven to be helpful, concise, and informative this season and I will be writing them again in the fall.

Finally, I just wanted to make sure that everyone knows migration is not over yet! Many birds (flycatchers, "ground warblers," etc) migrate through well into June, so definitely keep seeking out migrant birds even though I won't be writing these reports until the fall. I usually would want to write until the last night in May; however, I will be out of internet range for most of this weekend because I will be in Michigan (attending a wedding, and in search of Piping Plover & Kirtland's Warbler!).

Happy migration everyone, hope you've all enjoyed the beautiful spectacle of spring migration, surely one of the most wonderful things nature has to offer!

Feel free to email anytime (I will still be posting trip reports on IBET like always), and you can find my birding blog here:

Good birding,
Henry Griffin (Oak Park, Cook County)

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