Wednesday, August 28, 2013

8/28 IL Migration Report - Mini

Hello again!

So before we really get into the swing of things as far as this report goes, I'll spit out one little report to get tonight taken care of. The east is blue right now, blue with the reflectivity of birds.

Right now, we in the northern half of the state are experiencing northerly winds thanks to a friendly neighborhood High Pressure-system. This system is now drifting west over northern Wisconsin, and as it continues west, a low pressure system to our west is bringing in southwesterly winds, and it's helped by a high-pressure system to our south. Looking at the image below, trace your finger in a circle around the big H's or L's to see where the winds are going: L-systems rotate counterclockwise and H-systems rotate clockwise. This will help you predict which winds will be brought by which systems..

Anyway, what this means right now is that birds are being sent right on their way southward, and encountering fairly weak winds to the south of us, so they're just going. Tomorrow may see some more influxes of flycatchers, thrushes, warblers, and shorebirds.

Winds in these weather systems are forecast to become very weakly easterly for the next few days, when light to moderate movements may occur. It looks like southerly winds will become dominant by Friday, when migration will probably be shut down for the most part. Here's a link to check out the wind forecast.

That's all for tonight's migration. best of luck!

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