Thursday, August 29, 2013

8/29 IL Migration Report

Skimpier migration in the Northern half of the state than the south,
which is now experiencing light to moderate movements.

So tonight, we are seeing the result of two things in our state, and to give you a hint, they have to do with the omni-important winds. Birds in the approximate northern half of the state are stalled by a headwind right now, and as reflected by the radar, this half of the prairie state is mostly non-avian noise. The Southern half, however, lacks any considerable wind velocity at all. So, we see birds moving in the lack of any headwind. Ultimately, this translates into the possibility of arrivals and influxes in the Southern half of the state, whereas the northern half of the state should mostly see the same birds tomorrow.

Influxes in the southern half of the state will include but not be limited to Least Flycatcher, Swainson's Thrush, Veery, Black-throated Green, Black-throated Blue, and Tennessee Warbler, American Redstart, and shorebirds. These are the same birds that could be found in any Illinoisan's favorite migrant trap, so get looking if you can! To see the master list and make you own predictions, see here: -- I can't rave enough about this resource.

Strange winds due Saturday
Looking ahead, the weak southeasterly winds predicted yesterday are now becoming dominant in Illinois, and should remain so into tomorrow, when stronger southwesterly winds are forecast to take over at various times throughout the state.Luckily, it appears these conditions won't last long, as a fascinating counterclockwise-spinning mass of air will move through mid-dayish tomorrow, leaving most of the state with strong northerly winds, which should last for most of Saturday. Note that some places in Southern IL may be experiencing primarily westerly winds at this time.
Oh look at that! In 36 hours, we're due for a cold front from
the north, perfectissimo for shorebird movement.

Cool! Good luck all.

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