Saturday, August 31, 2013

8/30 + 8/31 IL Migration Report

Hey everyone!

So after a little added fun from storm-induced power-outages and late-night driving, I'm back in the world of the internet. I also happen to be on the opposite side of Lake Michigan. Funny how that works.
Surface Analysis at the time of this post. Note the cold front
going through Southern IL.

Anyway, what happened last night? The answer lies in a cold front moving from the north, and carrying a low-pressure system with it. This front acted effectively as a wedge for the warm, super-humid air sitting over us at the time, forcing it up into the cool upper layers of the troposphere, where condensation occurred. It was this process that caused the thunderstorms enjoyed by Northern IL yesterday, and still enjoyed by those further south as the front progresses.

This front and its storms will shut down migration in most areas briefly, but luckily for us, they are followed by northerly winds. This will carry migrants without question, and already have spurred light to moderate migration with it. This includes flycatchers, thrushes, warblers, any early sparrows, and more. To watch migration radar animated, see here: -- the lines in a column moving west represent the sunset...just watch the burst of blue spheres that represent the bird migration. Make your own predictions of what will be migrating with the master chart here:
Migration at the time of this post. Click to enlarge. Note the
storm front going through Southern IL, which corresponds
to the cold front in the image above.

These winds are forecast to become southerly and then westerly by midday tomorrow, and then by Sunday night, we will have northerly winds. But at that time, they will be much more powerful than tonight's. Definitely watch the radar tomorrow night.

Cool! Have a good night everybody.

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