Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11th, 2015

Tonight's strong westerlies. Click
to view live.
Short report tonight. Things have panned out exactly as predicted last night, with powerful westerly winds dominating the state. Given the unfavorable nature of these winds, birds are basically staying down tonight everywhere except for southernmost Illinois, where heavy migration persists (do note light concentrations in southern and northeastern Illinois). Other than that, it seems migrants are getting a night of respite across the Prairie State tonight.

Tonight's migration
Looking ahead, the forecast continues to place northerly headwinds over tomorrow (Tuesday) night, and powerful easterly winds over Wednesday night. It is most probable that little will be migrating over the next few nights as a result. Thursday night, then is forecast to be the next night of favorable southerly winds. From there, winds are forecast to remain southerly at least through Monday night. But as we all know, the further ahead the wind forecast, the more liable it is to change.

Curious what species may be taking advantage of tonight's respite? Check this eBird page for exhaustive coverage of Illinois specifically, and the latest BirdCast National Forecast for a more regional outlook.

Good stuff, everyone. Good luck to all those birding tomorrow. You never know what westerly winds may bring eastward.

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