Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 20th, 2015

Tonight's winds. Click im-
age to view live.
Tonight's will be a short report, as essentially nothing is moving over the Prairie State tonight. Steady, northerly winds are preventing any legitimate movements from occurring, and as such, tonight's radar is dark. That's that about that.

Tonight's radar. Click
image to view live
Tomorrow's strong westerly winds, forecast for two days in a row now, may not be more promising, but we'll keep eyes on the radar. Looking ahead from there, favorable southerly winds are set to return by Friday night and continue throughout the state at least through Tuesday night. Keep in mind, though, that migration is winding down in the East. Birds are reaching their sought after breeding grounds, and as more species reach the culmination of their hurried journey, there will be fewer and fewer to find here. While winds are set to be favorable starting Friday night, it's unlikely that we'll see migration like what we saw a week ago. Even so, this weekend may be spring migration's last big push before only stragglers remain. As always, I'll keep you posted.
Winds forecast for Saturday night (the 23rd). Click image to view live.
Until we conclude our mutual migration reporting, check which species to expect remains a worthwhile endeavor. As always, here are the internet sources to equip you in making predictions: our trusty eBird Page for Illinois-specific data, and the latest BirdCast National Forecast for a more regional perspective. 

Until tomorrow, good birding all!

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