Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 19th, 2015

And we're back, Illinois!

Over the course of my three day hiatus, migration has gradually died down as favorable conditions have deteriorated. Migration reached moderate to heavy concentrations Saturday night (the 16th), but then only reached moderate concentrations at most on Sunday (the 17th). Last night, the 18th, migration was even sparser, remaining steadfastly around light concentrations at most.
Radar from 5/18

Radar from 5/16
Radar from 5/17

Radar tonight.
So where does that leave us tonight? As somewhat of a conclusion of these past few days, unfavorable northerly headwinds are dominant in Illinois tonight. As such, very little is migrating tonight, with hardly light concentrations reaching even Southern Illinois. After the glory of the past two weeks, we're on the downslope, folks, descending steadily from the summit.

Where to go from here? The forecast predicts the continuation of northerly winds through tomorrow. Thereafter, winds will become powerful and westerly, less-than-favorable conditions that will finally give way to southerly tailwinds on Friday night. Given the presence of a front predicted in Southern Illinois that night, it looks like it's really Saturday night to be excited about. At that time, the door from the south and to the north will be opened, as southerly winds will predominate across the state. Until then, I'll keep you all posted.

In the mean time, it's always good to check in on which species you'll be seeing out there. Check out this eBird Page for an Illinois focus, and the latest BirdCast National Forecast for a more regional perspective.
Winds forecast for Saturday night (May 23rd)

That's all for tonight, folks. Happy to be back reporting.

Good birding!

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