Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Aug 26, 2015

Tomorrow (Wednesday) birders in far northern and northeastern Illinois should definitely GO BIRDING at "migrant traps," especially along Lake Michigan shoreline locations.

Another lighter migration forecast than usual tonight because of a busy schedule. Northerly winds are ushering light-to-moderate concentrations of migrants into our state tonight.
Looking from the current radar (updated 10:11pm at right), Illinois is currently experiencing light migrations on birds statewide. Concentrations appear to be a bit heavier in northeast Illinois and Wisconsin looks like it currently has moderate to locally heavy concentrations of migrants in the sky tonight - and some of those denser concentrations may make it into northern and especially northeastern Illinois in the morning.

As we saw this morning (I had 8 new warblers for the season in my backyard alone!), new arrivals and influxes, especially in the songbird department, will also be apparent tomorrow morning state-wide but especially in far-northern and northeastern locations of the state. I STRONGLY recommend checking any Lake Michigan shoreline "migrant traps" tomorrow morning because it looks like tomorrow will be a good day for new migrants, and possibly locally high concentrations of them.

Tomorrow (Wednesday), winds will remain northerly; however, they will shift to roughly southerly by Wednesday night which will probably create a lull in migration. It looks light winds will remain pretty much southerly until Saturday night, which will probably result in a big push of migrants arriving Sunday morning. This is good news because I lead a bird walk that morning!

To predict exactly which species you are likely to find and when you are likely to find them, visit Birdcast's regional migration forecast as well as eBird's species occurrence chart for Illinois.

So definitely GO BIRDING tomorrow morning if you are in far northern or northeastern Illinois!


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