Thursday, August 27, 2015

Aug 28, 2015

Hello birding friends,

Another short report tonight. Due to unfavorable southeasterly winds, Illinois is experiencing little, if any at all, bird migration in our skies. This is evidenced by the extremely patchy blue areas on Illinois on the current radar (displayed as of 10:00pm at right).

For a slightly more detailed outlook for tomorrow morning, Illinois should not be expecting many arrivals and influxes except in the lowest southern quarter of the state, which may receive light concentrations.

Winds appear to be unfavorable for southbound migrants until Saturday night; however, rain is in the forecast for Saturday night so it is debatable as to whether they will even migrate in larger numbers then because of possible storm systems. Thankfully, winds look somewhat northerly and without rain Sunday night, so hopefully Monday will also be a good morning to find migrants. For a more detailed look at the current winds, click here.

For detailed outlooks at what birds you may find over the next few days, visit:
Birdcast's regional migration forecast
eBird's Illinois species occurrence map

Stay tuned!


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