Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Aug 27, 2015

Hello birding friends,

Tonight Illinois is experiencing variable wind patterns that are easterly and shifting to south-southwesterly. This means that migration is very light and patchy tonight, as shown by the current radar, updated as of 10:00pm at right.

The very light and almost dotted blue radar noise is indicating that migrants are responding negatively to the shifting, and ultimately, unfavorable, winds tonight by migrating in lesser densities than the last two nights.

Although the majority of Illinois looks like it will be quiet tomorrow, some very localized pockets of new arrivals and influxes may show up in far northern as well as the southernmost quarter of the state, the two areas where the radar is picking up the "most" (relatively speaking) noise tonight.

Well, folks, the wind forecast is looking pretty...interesting. Roughly southerly winds should dominate until Saturday night, when there is a brief shift in winds to the west-northwest which could actually bring a big push of migrants Sunday morning given the wind forecasts leading up to then. Then, winds appear to stay southerly until, well, a week from Friday night which is when the Weather Channel's 10-day forecast runs out! :-|

So, if there is one morning to get out in the near future, it will be this Sunday morning. To predict which species one is likely to encounter in the next few days, consult Birdcast's regional migration forecast as well as eBird's species occurrence chart  for Illinois.

Good birding! I know I am enjoying migration so far...I have already detected 9 warbler species in my backyard this season! Hope you're finding some avian goodies, too!


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