Sunday, November 3, 2013

11/3 IL Migration Report

Not a single migratory peep
in our skies
Hello again!

So, as predicted, strong southeasterly winds now hold a dominant position over Illinois, keeping migrants grounded. Literally almost nothing is showing up on the radar. So tomorrow, avifauna around the state should remain pretty much exactly the same.

Looking ahead, it appears that strong southerly-type winds will remain
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dominant for the next couple of days, so today's birds will probably be Tuesday's birds too. We'll see what develops in the next couple days. For now, we have a great opportunity to survey birds on a multi-day basis, noting any behaviors or repeated use of food sources that will help you find/understand birds better next time. Like I like to say, get out there and be your own ornithologist!

Good stuff folks. Bon voyage.

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