Tuesday, November 5, 2013

11/5 IL Migration Report

Tonight's radar - click to enlarge. 
Hello everyone,

The cold front, currently hung
up a bit.
Tonight we beckon the gradual arrival of favorable northwesterly winds, carried by a cold front moving in from, oddly enough, northwest of us. The drastic contrast between the winds on one side of the front compared to the other is so drastic that it creates almost a three-dimensional illusion on the wind map, which is fairly exceptional. Regardless, though essentially nothing is moving in Illinois tonight, after the front and all of its hundreds of square miles of precipitation pass over us, migrants will be in the clear for migration. The cold front is relatively slow moving, as it is repeatedly getting hung up on the nearly equal opposing force of the warm air mass which has been sitting on us for days, but we should see it filing out of Illinois just in time for tomorrow night. This means that tomorrow night, whatever means to be moving should be moving, so expect movements of open country passerines as well as waterbirds in moderate to heavy concentrations.

Good stuff folks. Good luck and Happy Trails.

Where the front should be by tomorrow night.

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