Wednesday, November 6, 2013

11/6 IL Migration Report

Tonight's migration.
Hey folks,

So finally, with the passage of the cold front and its rain out of our state, we and the migrants have attained our favorable conditions. Northwesterly winds are currently blowing in strong but not too strong, giving migrants a perfect lift in the next part of their journey. This is reflected by the radar as moderate to heavy migration, and means that tomorrow, influxes of anything from waterbirds to longspurs are likely. So get out there! Find out what you may be finding here.

Looking ahead as we normally do, it appears that west/northwesterly winds are forecast to remain over our heads until some time Friday morning, so we will likely get another night
Having conveniently pushed unfavorable winds southeast
of us, northwesterly winds now flow over our heads.
out of these favorable conditions. After that, the incoming high pressure system that will sustain out northwesterly winds through tomorrow night will have moved into a position where we are on its west side--the side that produces southerly winds. After that, winds are forecast to remain southerly at least through Friday, which is where my Wind Forecast ends.

So let's get out there the next couple of days! Good luck everyone.

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