Friday, April 10, 2015

April 10th, 2015

The cold front bringing un-
favorable northerly winds
Greetings all,

In theme with the last few nights, tonight's report will focus on what's ahead rather than what's upon us now. As the night unfolds, very little is happening in the way of migration anywhere in the state. A low pressure driven cold front is advancing southward through Illinois right now, and with it come northwesterly winds. South of the front, winds are west/northwesterly. While light concentrations (and that's generous) are appearing in this region of Southern Illinois' radar, there is almost negligible migration in the Prairie State tonight. So that's that. 

Tonight's winds
Tonight's radar
But looking ahead, we may have reason for excitement about Sunday and Monday mornings. Winds are forecast to be favorably southerly throughout the state on Saturday and Sunday nights, which should allow some decent migration. From there, favorable conditions are forecast to deteriorate during the day on Monday, so let's hope for some good movements before then!

I'm optimistic. You? As always, here's the handy eBird page to help predict what you'll find out there this weekend.

Until next time, here's to the birds.

Winds forecast for Sunday night

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