Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6th, 2015

Tonight's winds
Tonight's radar in IL

Evening folks,

While tonight's report contains some interesting meteorology, the migration outlook isn't too much better than last night. For that reason, this will be a fittingly shorter report. As predicted. a stationary front is being held stiffly in place in Northern Illinois, and if you're north of this boundary, winds are unfavorably northeasterly. South of this boundary, winds are favorably southerly, but currently, any migration in Central and Southern Illinois is being kept down by precipitation. Precipitation can clear up at any time, however, so as I often say, keep an eye on the radar if you'll be up late tonight.

Wind forecast for midnight on
Wednesday. Click to view live
The forecast, at this point, may lend a little bit more reason for excitement. Currently, there's another stationary front sprawling eastward just south of Illinois. The front, however, is forecast to be driven northward by the counterclockwise rotation of a low pressure system. What does this mean? According to the forecast, it means the front will sweep northward over Illinois, and that by early Wednesday night, all of Illinois will be witness to favorable southerly winds overhead. SO, if you're looking for the next significant arrival/influx time to bird, it looks like Thursday morning is our best bet. Exciting! I'll keep you posted...
Tonight's surface analysis

Until then, keep track of what you'll be finding out there with this eBird page. Also, if you're interested in a little mouthwatering sign of migration to come, check out the explosive migration over Texas right now.

That's all for tonight, folks! Good birding to you all!

Mouthwatering migration over Texas

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