Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 12th, 2015

Tonight's migration...heavier
in S IL than N IL
Evening folks!

Alas, we have another exciting night ahead of us. With the stay of southerly winds over the Prairie State, we're being spoiled by new birds and warmer temperatures. Today was a great day to be out there, with arrivals and influxes described from around the state. Excitingly, it's looking to be equally as productive tomorrow. Favorable conditions are again pushing birds to follow their instincts and move northward. Great.
Tonight's winds. Click to view

Unlike last night, however, there's a slight north-to-south gradient in tonight's migration that is worth noting. The southern half of the state, overall, is dominated by moderate migration (71-227 birds per cubic kilometer of sky). Things in the northern half of the state, however, are a little lighter (59-71 birds per cubic kilometer of sky). Why might this be the case? Hard to say, but it remains entirely possible that migration will rise to moderate concentrations throughout Illinois some time tonight. Any speculations about the current migration gradient are're interpreting as much as I!

Looking ahead at the wind forecast, it may take until Wednesday night to get any more southerly based winds. Unfavorable conditions are set to take over tomorrow during the day, so it looks like little will be moving Monday and Tuesday nights. In other words, for the migrants its refuelling time. Expect to see migrants more thinly distributed during these refuelling times, when they can rely less on what other
Winds forecast for Wednesday night.
Click this image to slide thru the
wind forecast yourself.
migrants are doing and search out food for themselves. Even when migration isn't happening en force, migrant behavior is always interesting. When endeavoring to understand migrant behavior, you never know if you'll learn something totally novel. Keep your eyes peeled for interesting behaviors.

With that, I'll again share our trusty eBird page and the latest BirdCast Forecast to predict what you'll find out there, and then bid you all a good night. 

Thanks for all your reports today! It was exciting to read what Illinois birders were experiencing out there today. Isn't spring exciting?

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