Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 26th, 2015

Tonight's radar. A li
le bit of avian noise
s. and n. IL, 
ng to get excited 
Short report tonight. Winds are northerly throughout Illinois tonight (the winds are extending southward almost to the Gulf of Mexico, by now), and as such little is moving tonight. There are some less-than-light concentrations aloft in some areas of Illinois, but if that's all, we shouldn't see many new arrivals and influxes tomorrow. So that's that.
Tonight's decisively northerly

Looking ahead, it seems that more and more forecasts (and forecasters) are focusing on next weekend as the next big push. Weak, southerly-based winds are forecast to be in Northern Illinois next Thursday. By Friday, the whole state is set to be under the influence of southerly winds. What does this mean? It means Saturday the 5th may be utterly spectacular. Here's looking forward to that!

With that, I'll share our favorite eBird page of Illinois bird frequencies, and bid you all a good night.


This is the current wind forecast for ne-
xt Friday (May 1st) night. Southerly ba-
sed winds throughout the state and the
time of year means Friday night may be 
the pulling of a trigger.

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