Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Oct 28 - 29, 2015

Hello birding friends,

This is the combined migration report for tomorrow and Thursday. As you can see from the current national composite radar (http://tempest.aos.wisc.edu/radar/us3comp.gif), migration is nonexistent due to rain across the state tonight. These rain showers will continue moving northward, only affecting northern Illinois tomorrow. This means that despite no turnover from tonight, birds will be active tomorrow in southern Illinois since birds tend to be overly active after storms, making up for the foraging they missed during the storm.

Hawk Watching Forecast: It will be rainy in northern Illinois tomorrow, so obviously not a hawk-watching day tomorrow. :-) Thursday could possibly be PRODUCTIVE; however, because of westerly winds & cloudy skies for NE Illinois.

Thursday should be pretty different from tomorrow, because a fairly moderate flight should happen tomorrow night across the state. This means that morning birding should be productive pretty much anywhere in the state on Thursday. Also, west winds combined with cloudy skies in northeast Illinois in Thursday will make for good hawk watching conditions, so you should get out to IBSP, Fort Sheridan, Greene Valley, or other locations to look for migrating raptors then!

To predict exactly which species you are likely to encounter and when, please consult:
BirdCast's regional migration forecast for this week: http://birdcast.info/forecast/regional-migration-forecast-23-30-october-2015/#MidwestNortheast
eBird's species occurrence chart for Illinois: http://ebird.org/ebird/GuideMe?src=changeDate&getLocations=states&states=US-IL&parentState=US-IL&reportType=location&monthRadio=on&bMonth=08&eMonth=11&bYear=1900&eYear=2015&continue.x=63&continue.y=9&continue=Continue

In summary, tomorrow it would be worth birding in southern Illinois due to the likelihood of sheer activity, but not the turnover, of birds there. It will be raining in northern regions of the state so no birding there! Thursday should be productive throughout the state with a possibility of great hawk watching conditions in northeast Illinois.

Good birding,

Henry (Oak Park, Cook County)

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