Thursday, October 29, 2015

Oct 30, 2015: 2nd-to-last Report of Fall!

Hello birding friends,

I have decided to only post reports in the months of August - October and April - May in order to keep my sanity. This means that this is the second-to-last report of the season. I'm sure all of you busy people out there can understand. :-)

Fall migration; however, does certainly not end with the conclusion of these reports tomorrow. In fact, many aspects of migration like, as we are seeing, winter finches, owls, and waterfowl are only just in their beginning stages. I will post a much more comprehensive analysis of the fall and what is to come this late autumn/winter season tomorrow night.

As for tonight, Illinois is seeing some rather strange migration levels. The northern third is seeing light migration, the central third has no migration over it, and the far southern third has light to moderate levels of migrants in its skies. This can all be seen on the current national composite radar (

Hawk Watching Forecast: In northeast Illinois tomorrow, fairly good conditions will be prevailing for raptor migrations. Satisfactory viewing conditions - partly cloudy skies - coupled with southwest winds that will be pushing any migrating raptors towards the boundary of Lake Michigan's shoreline, may result in a nice push for raptors tomorrow at sites like Greene Valley, Fort Sheridan, and IBSP.

To find out exactly which species are in our area, please consult:
BirdCasts's regional migration forecast for this week:
eBird's species occurrence chart for Illinois:

In summary, tomorrow should be a fairly productive day across the state for arrivals and influxes and also a fairly productive day for hawk watching, at least in the northeast corner of the state.

Good birding,

Henry (Oak Park, Cook County)

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