Monday, October 5, 2015

Oct 6, 2015

Hello birding friends,

Today the northern two thirds of Illinois are experiencing light levels of migration while the southern third is experiencing moderate avian movements, as seen from the current national composite radar - which is thankfully working for me again! (

This means that it would be worth birding pretty much anywhere in the state, but birders in the southern third of Illinois should really consider getting out tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.

Tomorrow night looks like it will have a very similar migration pattern with southerly headwinds dominating over the northern half of the state and northerly tailwinds over the southern half.

Hawk Watching Forecast: Tomorrow should possibly bring a light movement of raptors, but nothing more than light, because winds are forecast to be out of the due north in northeast Illinois during the day. This means that raptors will probably be moving; however, they will not exhibit their "funnel" effect of using the lakefront to guide them as when winds are out of the northwest (not due north like tomorrow).

To predict exactly which species you are likely to find and when, please consult:
BirdCast's regional migration forecast for this week:
eBird's species occurrence chart for Illinois:

Good birding!

Henry (Oak Park, Cook County)

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