Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sept 14, 2015

Hello birding friends,

Illinois is experiencing negligible migration tonight due to southerly headwinds that are currently in place and should unfortunately stick around until Friday or Saturday. One can see this lack of migration very plainly as evidenced by the lack of radar noise on the current national composite radar (, especially when compared to the recent bursts of green radar noise we have recently been spoiled with here in Illinois.

The birding won't be bad, per se, because this is, after all, the middle of fall migration so many migrants are essentially "trapped" in Illinois by these unfavorable southerly winds. The next big push/turnover of migrants should happen Saturday morning for northern Illinois and Sunday morning for more southern regions. The forecast could always change; however, and I will be monitoring the situation.

Liz Day Shorebird Forecast: Shorebirds are continuing to wind down; however, one could still expect anomalies such as Al Stokie's recent Lake Michigan shoreline Long-billed dowitcher!

To predict exactly which birds you are likely to find and when, please consult:
BirdCast's regional migration forecast for this week:
eBird's species occurrence chart for Illinois:

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