Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sept 3, 2015

Hello birding friends,

As evidenced by the current national composite radar, Illinois is once again experiencing only marginal avian movements over our skies tonight. It appears that roughly the eastern half of Illinois is receiving slightly more movement than the western half tonight, but wherever you are in the state tomorrow, bird movement should not be that evident.

Here is what we should be expecting in the near future: winds will remain southerly, as evidenced by all of the hot temperatures in our forecast, until Monday night. Next Tuesday morning should receive a big push of migrants.

I will be reporting again tomorrow and then I will take Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights off because I will be in Michigan over Labor Day weekend and without internet access for posting. I will make sure to post Monday night so that I can update everyone on what is looking to be a very productive next Tuesday morning.

As evidenced by recent IBET and IBF reports, new species are coming into our area. Stilt Sandpipers are more "common" (relatively speaking) than some other of the more uncommon shorebirds typical of early migration, warblers are slowly but surely increasing and spreading southward throughout Illinois, and some rarities like the Swallow-tailed Kite have even been appearing! To predict exactly which species you will see, please visit:
Birdcast's regional migration forecast
eBird's Illinois species occurrence chart

Good birding!


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