Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sept 4, 2015: Moderate to Heavy Migration

Hello birding friends,

HEAVY MIGRATION tonight for CHICAGO & NORTHEAST Illinois as evidenced by green radar noise on the current national composite radar, indicating 300 - 3000 migrant birds per cubic kilometer - that's a lot of birds. Get out to Montrose Point, North Pond, Jackson Park, or other lakefront "migrant traps" tomorrow morning.

MODERATE to HEAVY MIGRATION for the entire northern 1/5 (one fifth) of Illinois because of large green areas of radar noise on the radar in Wisconsin just north of much of the IL-WI border.

LIGHT to MODERATE MIGRATION for the rest of the state; that is, the southern 4/5 (four fifths) of Illinois.

Surprise northerly winds have come into much of Illinois briefly tonight, spurring on a wealth of bird migration, especially in northern areas of the state.

I learned that I will be leaving for Michigan on Saturday, so I will make one longer post tomorrow (Friday) night for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings. Then, I will start posting regularly again on Monday night.

Changes in the wind forecast call for possible moderate migration with easterly winds tomorrow (Friday) night and then a lull in migration setting in with the return of southerly winds and high temperatures for a few days. Tuesday morning looks like it should be good with regards to new arrivals and influxes. Here is the run-down for the next few days in Illinois:

Friday morning: Birders in northern, especially northeastern Illinois should GO BIRDING!
Saturday morning: Another favorable morning; go birding again!
Sunday morning: should be quieter
Monday morning: also quiet
Tuesday morning: possibly productive morning; go birding!

I really hope birders in the Chicagoland area as well as much of northern Illinois get out and go birding tomorrow (Friday) morning!

To predict which species you are likely to find and exactly when, please reference:
Birdcast's regional migration forecast
eBird's Illinois species occurrence map

Go birding!

Henry (Oak Park, Cook County)

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