Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sept 24-25, 2015

Hello birding friends,

Due to a choir concert tomorrow night, this migration report will be covering forecasts for both tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday.

Tonight, Illinois is experiencing uniformly light-to-moderate migration as seen by the current national composite radar (

Northeast winds throughout the state are fueling this small boost in migration tonight, and birders: it wouldn't hurt going birding tomorrow because there is enough migration tonight to make things interesting but not for those pockets of mid-migration warblers such as Black-throated Green or Bay-breasted to completely disappear.

Friday: wind conditions will be similar tomorrow night to tonight, so I also encourage birders to get out Friday morning as well, if they have the chance. Other typical mid-migration species that might start winging their way south after the next big overnight migration push include Veery, Black-throated Blue Warbler, Chipping Sparrow, and others - so get out there before the trees are completely inundated by Sapsuckers and "Butterbutts!" (Yellow-rumped Warblers)

Liz Day Shorebird Migration Forecast: This concludes the autumn shorebird migration reports because as autumn migration wears on, many birders' primary focus transitions from shorebirds to songbirds (the stage at which most birders are now), raptors, and eventually, waterfowl. Again, my sincerest condolences go to Liz Day's family - a true gem was lost from the birding community this season and in memory of her shorebird report request, the shorebird segment of these migration reports will be dedicated to her as long as I am writing them.

To predict exactly which species you are likely to encounter and when, please consult:
BirdCast's regional migration forecast for this week:
eBird's species occurrence chart for Illinois:

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