Saturday, September 14, 2013

9/14 IL Migration Report

The High Pressure System east of us, and the clockwise
rotation of winds around it is to blame for our unfavorable
southerly winds. 
Hey folks,

Tonight we see the return of stronger southerly winds dominating the state, effectively shutting down most migration. So as happens frequently with the ups and downs of migration, I won't have a whole lot to write about tonight. Looking at the wind forecast, it looks like these winds won't last too long, as northerly winds are set to return sometime on Monday.

There were, however, some very cool things that don't have to do with migration that happened today. Two pelagic-type jaunts happened today, one of which was the IOS Carlyle Lake Pelagic; so far, I haven't heard any of the results of the trip, but I'm sure we'll hear all about it tomorrow. The second was a pelagic on Lake Michigan (in Berrien County, MI) with Nathan Goldberg, Geoff Williamson, Steve Huggins, Greg Neise, and Josh Engel. Their results include a Long-tailed Jaeger and a Sabine's Gull. It just comes to show that being in the middle of a continent doesn't mean we don't know our two cents about pelagics! Finally, just because I'm obsessed with eBird, the eBird Team released another data visualization function today that is all about eBird hotspots. Here's a demonstration of that data from Montrose. It's all about helping you find good sites to bird at rather than finding specific species, and that's something I'm pretty excited by.

Cool! Have a good night everybody.

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