Wednesday, September 25, 2013

9/25 IL Migration Report

Winds at the time of this post.
Hey all,

Things are starting to change tonight. Slowly but surely, easterly winds
around Illinois are taking on a northerly tinge. I can't really explain this when looking at surface analysis, but I can tell that it's facilitating more migration tonight than it did last night. Light migration is occurring over the Prairie State right now, foreshadowing arrivals and influxes of thrushes, warblers, and sparrows (oh my!) tomorrow. Along with them, the next few days may see the first arrivals of species set to arrive in October, like Juncos, some blackbirds, and some waterfowl. Chances are though, that there will only be slight influxes tomorrow and no major arrivals. Keep your eyes peeled nonetheless.

Tomorrow night will quickly put an end to this, as southerly winds, likely from a large low pressure system over the rockies, will put a halt to any migration. It'll be a headwind aloft of 20 mph in some places, and migrants no likey that. So we'll push on through tomorrow, and see what Friday night brings from there.

Good stuff. Go team.

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