Monday, September 9, 2013

9/9 IL Migration Report

Hey everybody,

So tonight, strong southerly winds dominating the state, once again, are reducing bird migration to a very light level. Amazingly, these small numbers of birds are still pushing on with a fairly consistent southwestbound pattern, so some influxes may be evident tomorrow. Regardless, we'll still be adding another day to this long-lasting period of fattening up for migrants.

Looking forward a few days, it still looks like a southbound cold front will make its way through our state, bringing some sort of northerly winds with it. Things may get a little more exciting then (Wednesday night-ish), but we'll see.

Sadly, that's all I've got to work with tonight! Here's hoping for some big weather changes, and some heavy movements.

Until tomorrow, au revoir!

Hope comes in the form of a cold front

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