Monday, September 30, 2013

9/30 IL Migration Report

Note the high pressure system forecast to be in WI
Hey all,

So in spite of yesterday's little bits of excitement, tonight migration in IL is pretty much entirely shut down thanks to strong southerly winds. So again, I don't have too much material for tonight.

For Northern IL, however there may be a little excitement tomorrow night. Winds will remain southerly in most of the state, but looking at the 48-hour surface analysis, we see a high-pressure system bringing a cold front from the north/northwest. As it appears that this system will move through rather quickly, the favorable northerly winds forecast to follow this cold front will only ever make it into the northern
About the extent of northerly winds
forecast for northern IL tomorrow
half of the state, and will be relatively short-lived. Tomorrow night, with impeccable timing for northern IL birders, is forecast to come under the influence of these winds some time in between 7 PM and 10 PM. So from that point on tomorrow night, Northern IL will likely see light to moderate migration.

Cool. I'll be ready.

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