Thursday, September 5, 2013

9/5 IL Migration Report

Clockwise-rotating winds around the High Pressure System
put us right in an area of southeasterly winds...not good for
Hey folks,

So as the aforementioned high pressure system is now in the position to bring us southerly winds, migration in Illinois is now almost nonexistent, so it looks like tonight's will be a pretty short report.

Like yesterday, the best direction for us to look is forward, but, again like yesterday, conditions remain to look pretty dismal. Winds are predicted to continue in their southerly direction at least through Saturday, providing a substantial headwind for any migrants. So in the meantime, they'll be spending their time picking your local berry bushes clean and pecking every last invertebrate out of your local mudflat. It will be a glorious time of
Paltry IL Migration tonight
fattening up, and hey, some of them may choose to push on bit by bit in spite of the unfavorable conditions. Here's to their success.

Good luck everyone!

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