Sunday, September 15, 2013

9/15 IL Migration Report

From a winds perspective, the cold front and Low pressure
in the center of the state are doing good things for us.
Strangely, it seems the birds don't think so...yet.
Hey everyone!

So it appears that the northerly winds--and the cold front driving them--came a little earlier than predicted today; anywhere north of today's storm front right now is currently experiencing northerly winds. These winds, while highly favorable for migration, do not appear to be picking up much migration, with barely any to light migration north of the front. Reasons for this are beyond me, although they may have something to do with rain or other weather occurring in the wake of the cold front. It is very possible that later tonight birds will begin moving in greater numbers, so it's not a bad idea to, if you'll being staying up tonight, keep an eye on the radar to watch for any bursts. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Click to enlarge. Winds north of the
cold front are stronger (green), and
more northerly.
Birds with potential to migrate tonight include but are not limited to flycatchers, vireos, thrushes (especially Swainson's), warblers, and sparrows (primarily White-throated and Lincoln's). Make your own predictions as to what will be moving here.
A strange sparsity of
migration north of the cold/
storm front

Tomorrow, northerly winds will continue through around midday, when they will begin to shift to a weaker, more easterly direction. By tomorrow night, winds will be entirely easterly. Tomorrow afternoon may be interesting on the lakefront for shorebird movements, as winds shifting from northerly to easterly may bring more birds in toward the shore. We shall see.

Anyway, that's all for tonight, folks! Happy birding!

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  1. The KLOT radar is not working. Could that explain the hole?