Tuesday, September 3, 2013

9/3 IL Migration Report

High pressure...blah...
Hey bird folk,

So tonight, our couple of days of migratory splendor are over, as high pressure has moved onto area, making productive headwinds a thing of the past. This high pressure has brought directionally convoluted and extremely weak winds, which by no stretch of the imagination are slam dunks for migration--quite the opposite actually. Though there may not be a (strong) headwind, only light concentrations of birds are migrating tonight (see it below or animated here). This trend will continue at least through Thursday, when the high pressure moves out of our area and stops crashing the party. Here's looking forward to then.
Light movements of birds say blah

But by no means does this mean the party is over. Imagine the high pressure is the cops that show up to quiet down the party. The party of migration right now may be quieter, but it goes on nonetheless. Stronger flying passerines like thrushes may still be moving in decent numbers tonight with various others. During the day tomorrow, swallows, shorebirds, and raptors will probably be undeterred as well if they are fueled up to keep moving. This gets back to the dependence on condition of the individual (or whatever the migratory unit may be...could be a flock) that defines migration and adds to the chaos of tracking one species' phenology. Fun stuff like that.

Whatever the case, looking at the upper righthand corner of Illinois Birder's Forum, there are still plenty of good birds out there to see and be discovered. Will that discoverer be you?

Have a good night everybody.

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