Tuesday, October 1, 2013

10/1 IL Migration Report

Hey everybody!

Slowly but surely, the cold front mentioned yesterday is heading our way from northwest of us, with favorable northerly wind not far behind (get a sneak peak at the front here: http://bit.ly/ZmucFO). Unfortunately, it appears that the front is moving slower/a little behind schedule from yesterday's forecast; ata this point, it seems likely that the front and its northerly winds will hardly make it south of the latitude of Chicago. As a result, migration should be mostly restricted to areas north of this line. Looking at the radar (http://bit.ly/17tyHz1 --excuse the slight prematurity of this post), migration is moderate to heavy on the northern side of the front; this should be expected in areas surpassed by the front tonight. Cool!

Tomorrow, the high pressure system causing these winds is forcast to pass by to the north of us. For this reason, our position in the influence of its counterclockwise-revolving winds will change, and by tomorrow afternoon winds in IL are forecast to be easterly in the north and southerly in the south. Winds are forecast (http://bit.ly/ZxyRq6) to remain predominantly southerly at least through Thursday, so bear with me again until these unfavorable conditions disappear.

Alrighty, folks. That's all for now!

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