Friday, October 25, 2013

10/25 IL Migration Report

Literally no migration
Hello again,

A short, late report tonight. As predicted, we are now on the backside of high pressure past east to the south of us, and this means we're experiencing unfavorable southerly winds. And as reflected by radar, pretty much nothing is migrating tonight.

But that also means were closer to tomorrow night's favorable conditions. Forecasts continue to show the passage of favorable north/northwesterly winds into our state by early tomorrow night, so expect some heavier movements then. These favorable conditions will dissipate into unfavorable southerly winds again by Sunday night, so make the best of any arrivals and influxes on Sunday morning. Especially keep an
High pressure shuts down migration as it leaves; low
pressure will bring up migration as it arrives.
eye out for raptors, waterbirds, and open country birds like Lapland Longspurs, American Tree Sparrows, and Horned Larks.

Good stuff. Happy trails all.

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