Wednesday, October 30, 2013

10/30 IL Migration Report

Most if not all of the noise over IL
right now is storm activity, leaving
little room for the birds.
Hello again,

Let's start by taking a look at the radar. Now let's look at the winds. Hmmm. Powerful southerly winds and storm activity blanketing the state. In about 5 seconds, we see that it's hardly even worth mentioning migration tonight, as winds and weather are so against it that even the craziest birds will probably be earth-bound tonight. So that's that.

Looking forward, the cold front from northwest of us predicted
Tonight's extremely
unfavorable winds.
yesterday is forecast to move into Illinois sometime late tomorrow morning. It will bring west/northwesterly winds, but more importantly will clear out most of tonight's precipitation. So tomorrow night, when winds will be predominantly westerly but with northerly twangs in some places, we will probably see a bit more migration. From there, we will probably see westerly winds remain dominant through Friday, and possibly longer.

Cool. Good luck everybody, and Bon Voyage.

Surface analysis forecast for early tomorrow afternoon.
Notice the cold front sweeping through and pushing the rain

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