Sunday, October 13, 2013

10/13 IL Migration Report

That big H over Wisconsin is a harbinger of colder times to come.
Hello again,

So tonight we hail the arrival of a continental-polar high pressure system, oozing into the Midwest from the North, bringing its frosty air and oh-so-confused and weak winds. These winds, providing little in the way of headwinds, are urging migrants on their way, and as a result it would be safe to say that Illinois is experiencing heavy migration tonight. To migrants, and to meteorologists, this system is a harbinger of colder times to come--systems like this cold-beckoning behemoth are what define winter in places at our latitude, and migrants would be doing themselves a favor to avoid it all together. So the struggle southward continues,  as migrants race the cold south until they escape its influence all together, and stay within the realm of their invertebrate prey.

Tonight's migration, while depicted a little melodramatically, helps to illustrate the wholly different challenges migrants come into contact with during "Fall" Migration, in stark contrast to the Spring.

Starting tomorrow, winds are forecast to become predominantly easterly, and gradually by Tuesday, are forecast to become southerly with a vengeance. There does appear to be a predicted arrival of westerly winds late on Tuesday, so we'll see what happens with that.

Anyway, that's all for tonight, folks. Here's to migrants beating the cold.

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