Thursday, October 17, 2013

10/17 (and some 10/18) IL Migration Report

Hey all,

So just a heads up, I won't be able to do any reporting tomorrow night, so I will be reporting on tonight and tomorrow night now.

Anyway, the tables have turned from yesterday. Winds are still splitting the state in half, but this time the weak, undirected winds providing little headwind are in the Northern half of the state, whereas stronger, unfavorable southerly winds are present over the Southern half of the state. This means that tonight, migration will be light to moderate in Northern IL, whereas it will be almost nonexistent in Southerly IL. Make any predictions as to what you may find out there here.

Tomorrow, we while again hail the arrival of another front carrying
Super-weak winds in N. IL as of
11:03 PM Central
westerly winds, and for a time these will be northwesterly in most of the state. However, by tomorrow night when most passerines are migrating, winds will only be northwesterly in the southerly half of the state. Expect some light migration in the northern half, and more moderate movements in the southern half.

Looking further in the Wind Forecast, after a Saturday of strong southwesterly winds, winds will become northwesterly in Northern IL, and should facilitate some movement there Saturday night.

Lots of state splitting from a winds perspective.

That's all for tonight, folks. Good luck and bon voyage.

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