Thursday, October 10, 2013

10/10 (and some 10/9) IL Migration Report

Tonight's migration
Hey folks,

My sincerest apologies for missing you all yesterday. Busy nights come as they please and not necessarily at convenient times.

All said, we didn't miss much. Southerly winds have been dictating what happens in the sky the past couple nights, and for that reason migrants have been mostly grounded. Tonight we're experiencing light to negligible migration, whereas last night was a little bit heavier, with moderate migration in some places. So, as I say, that's that about that.
Last night's migration

Looking forward, things are forecast to improve this weekend. On Saturday morning, a cold front, closely followed by west/northwesterly winds, will be moving in from the west bringing favorable migratory conditions with it. Expect radar on Saturday night to be fairly colorful. Having watched a little TV weather, I got a peek at winds predicted for Sunday. These predictions have the wind coming from the north, so Sunday night may be the most active night of the weekend. We shall see, my friends.

Cool. Have a great night everybody.

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