Wednesday, October 2, 2013

10/2 IL Migration Report

Tonight's unfavorable winds
Hi friends,

Short report again tonight. As far as Illinois is concerned, Southerly winds are dominating the skies right now, which means the birds aren't. Only light to negligible migration is occurring tonight (although there is some bird-looking noise on the radar over the Chicago area, I'm not sure it's birds). So that's that.

Skies are mostly bird-less over
most of Illinois, except for the
enigmatic noise over Chicago.
Looking then at the wind forecast, the prospects aren't great. For as long as the Intellicast forecast goes, Illinois is host to unfavorable southerly winds; expect low migration as a result at least through Friday, if not longer. Bummer.

At least there are plenty of migrants around! Here's to that, everybody.

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