Saturday, May 18, 2013

5/18 IL Migration Report

I had a fantastic day of birding today, and it seems like many other people did too. Warblers, Vireos, and Thrushes (oh my!) were all over the place today as with the past few days, and shorebird migration seemed to be occurring at low levels throughout the state as well. If you didn't get out there today, definitely do so tomorrow. Looking at longer-term forecasts, this weekend may end up taking the cake for most species rich/dense weekend of Spring 2013, or at least the one that saw the most movement of the most species. The conditions for next weekend are by no means set in stone, but are forecast to be ENE throughout the state, which is pretty dang unfavorable for migrants.

Looking toward the coming week, it looks like Sunday and Monday nights may facilitate moderate to heavy migration as they are both forecast to hold strong southerly winds (Northern IL Wind Forecast:, Southern IL Wind Forecast: Cool! We'll see how these week plays out, but it looks like southerly winds should continue in most places this week. Storms in the middle of the week may even result in localized fallouts. All we gotta' do is keep our eyes peeled.
Compare Southern Illinois to...
...Northwestern Illinois.
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Taking a look at tonight, winds are primarily southerly with an easterly push to it. This, for one reason or another, is resulting in heavier migration in Southern IL, which is reflected by he radar:

To figure out which species to look for in your area, here are the eBird resources I've made a habit of sharing.
General IL charts:
Make your own:

That's all for tonight, folks. Good luck!

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