Monday, May 6, 2013

5/6 IL Migration Report

Seeing as tonight is again under the influence of weak northerly winds, and thus migration is really light (though it's almost moderate in some areas, presumably because of the weakness of the winds), I'm going to try something a little different. I'm going to select some of YOUR reports to summarize birds in Illinois, of course depending on region. This is the raw data. A lot of these reports are from yesterday's SBC, but seeing as little has been migrating, these will remain to be the same species for the next few days; it looks like with high pressure rolling in, northerly to northeasterly winds will remain dominant throughout the state at least through Tuesday (N IL Wind Forecast:, S IL Wind Forecast: Anyway, Here we go:
For a report of the best IL has had to offer the past 7 days, check out this list from eBird:

For Northern IL, see the following:
Highlights from Joshua Little and Andrew Aldrich's SBC in Kane Co.:
Highlights from Steve Bailey and Sheryl DeVore's SBC in Lake Co.:
Walter Marcisz's report of a SBC in the Calumet Area in Cook Co.:

For Central IL, see the following:
Evan Glynn's report from a SBC in Champaign Co.:
Matt Fraker's Weekly Report (+ snakes!) from 3 Central IL counties:
eBird Report from Carpenter-Gurgens Park in Sangamon Co.:
For Southern IL, see the following:
Craig Taylor's report of an Effingham County SBC (Sunday):
eBird Report from Horseshoe Lake Conservation Area in Alexander Co.:
eBird Report from Garden of the Gods in Saline Co.:

Thanks to all those whose reports I've used here. Awesome work! Obviously there are some holes here, but I liked this idea and decided to try it. Let me know what you think.

An interesting wind forecast for
tomorrow night in S IL
That's all for now, folks. See the third's report ( for my giant list. Like yesterday, keeping an eye on the winds, especially those forecasted for the next few days, will really make the difference in predicting the next large movements. Good luck!

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