Thursday, May 23, 2013

5/23 IL Migration Report

So let's be totally honest; I'm not going to have much to report on tonight. Northerly winds rule the state right now (, so what's left to migrate certainly won't be migrating now if it was last night. Because of this, I figured I'd publish the report a little early. I have to say though, it does feel a little weird to be typing this in daylight.

Anyway, let's talk first about today's birds. Not many passerines moved last night, so today remains to be mostly defined by thrushes and flycatchers on this front. Shorebirds continued to move during the day today, and species like AMERICAN AVOCET, RUDDY TURNSTONE, and HUDSONIAN GODWIT would be the highlights. Other than that, I sadly don't have too much more to report to you, but that's okay. More to report will come in the next few days.

Looking really quickly at the wind forecast, it looks like conditions will begin to be favorable again sometime around Saturday afternoon, so Saturday night may hold some decent migration (Northern IL Wind Forecast:, Southern IL Wind Forecast:
WindCast for 1PM Sat.

More and more we're seeing shrinking numbers of warblers and such on our lists, and as always, it seems like they're gone as quickly as they arrived. Expect these numbers to continue to dwindle until only breeding species remain.

To figure out which species to look for in your area, here are the eBird resources I've made a habit of sharing.
General IL charts:
Make your own:

Anyway, that's all for tonight, folks. Happy birding!
Same thing but in S IL

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