Friday, May 24, 2013

5/24 IL Migration Report

Winds right now...nothingness in S IL, and weak easterly
winds in N IL.
Much of the same was moving through IL today, so let's look specifically at how this weekend will play out. First, looking at winds (Northern IL Wind Forecast:, Southern IL Wind Forecast: ), it looks like tomorrow will see a gradual shift in the winds to a more easterly direction throughout the state, and gradually these winds will become stronger. If there ever was a chance that Saturday night would be host to much migration, it's long gone now. But things get better Sunday, as winds gradually continue to shift until they are moving in from the South by Sunday night. So this means we will likely be starting off the week with moderate to heavy movement Sunday night. Yay!

Winds right now are a bit confused but seem to be overall easterly. The more important note is that winds are extremely weak right now, so birds are still moving in light to moderate concentrations throughout the state.

To figure out which species to look for in your area, here are the eBird resources I've made a habit of sharing. Overall, keep your eyes peeled for arrivals and influxes of flycatchers, thrushes, late warblers, hummingbirds, and any shorebirds.
General IL charts:
Make your own:

Awesome. Happy Birding everyone!

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