Thursday, May 9, 2013

5/9 IL Migration Report

As predicted, Central and Southern IL are experiencing moderate to heavy migration tonight in the recently developed southerly winds. This means that tomorrow morning will likely be very productive for those of you
Southerly IL Migratory craziness
in the areas. Northern IL, though developing more southerly winds than predicted, is still experience relatively weak and inconsistent winds compared to the rest of the state, and on top of that, we have precipitation. This will likely keep most of the migrants in N IL down, although it may create some fallout in the species that are moving north into it. Regardless of this, tomorrow morning could still be really good--probably better than today--throughout the state, so if you can get out there, definitely do so. This weekend, or at least Saturday, is not cracking up to be very favorable for migration, so tomorrow's your chance.

Sorry to say it, but it looks like Southerly and Central IL's southerly winds will only last as long as it takes tonight's frontal boundary (boundary between two air masses that generally correspond with low-pressure systems) to move in from the west. This means that the southerly flow will likely dissipate before tomorrow night, when the state will again be ruled by predominantly northerly winds. These northerly winds should already dominate northern IL by tomorrow morning (Northern IL wind forecast:, Southern IL wind forecast: Yipeee.

A few species to highlight from their movement today, as today wasn't half bad for birding (like a WESTERN TANAGER in Lake Co): BLUE-WINGED WARBLER, GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLER, GREAT CRESTED FLYCATCHER, EASTERN KINGBIRD, ORCHARD and BALTIMORE ORIOLE, and SCARLET TANAGER. There were many more species out there today, but these are a few of the biggest contenders.

To see a giant list of birds to look for, see the bottom of yesterday's report:

Finally, here's an excerpt from an Illinois Birders' Foruum Post by Eric Walters, which does an awesome job at making some longer-term predictions for next week's migration:
"Looking at the extended weather forecast, it sure is looking like next Tuesday, May 14th will be good for S. and C. IL (along with some portions of Nw. IL).  Next Wednesday, May 15th should have new migrants present as well as moving through all day long - like this year's potential Spring peak on Shavout!  While S. IL is looking like they'll have daily movement all the way into that following weekend, things look rather interesting for Thursday, May 16th in some sections of N.IL and Ec. IL.  That day has bad weather and strong Nw winds slamming into the 2 days of bird migrants, so some locations could have fallout conditions.  Things might slightly change as we approach those days, but is sure looks like folks might want to consider on taking birding vacation days next midweek!"

That's it for tonight, everyone. A huge congrats to the Illinois record breaking Big Day team! Fantastic work and best of luck to those next up to bat. (Read all about their Big Day here on IBF:

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