Sunday, May 5, 2013

5/4 IL Migration Report

In the most breaking news sector of this report, today was the first day of the 2013 Spring Bird Count. Though today was not exceptional as far as migrants goes by any means, I'm still fascinated to see all the reports in. Warblers are still majorly influxing, along with birds like catbirds, grosbeaks, and flycatchers. One SBC in Champaign County reported 139 species. This is again from Evan Glynn on IBF, and paints a great picture of birds in IL right now:

Surface Analysis forecast for 48 hours

Surface Analysis forecast for 48 hours
Radar right now ( shows migration to be strongest in Wisconsin, with light migration occurring in Northern IL. Other than that, northerly winds still rule the state, so for the most part, birds will remain in the same places tonight. A period (likely through Monday) of Northerly to Northeasterly winds has been forecast (N IL:, S IL:, so it's likely that migration will be marginal until we again experience some southerly flow. This may not even come after Monday, as it is forecast that high-pressure and the northerly winds that precede it will fill in the Midwest around then. Needless to say, early next week will not foster much migration, so hopefully favorable conditions will present themselves later in the week. If this happens, next weekend could be "that weekend" that highlights spring migration, but this remains to be seen.

To see a giant list of species to keep an eye out for, check out Evan Glynn's SBC report, linked above in the first paragraph.

Good luck everybody, and happy birding!

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