Tuesday, May 21, 2013

5/21 IL Migration Report

After a day of ebb, migration is back again tonight. With the exception of some areas in NW IL where a
cold front from the NW is confusing the winds a bit, migration is light to moderate. As we begin to run out of migrants from the south to move up north, we will see as the radar lights up less and less with birds each night (see the rigyt sidebar). Sad, but everything has to come to an end, eh? And hey, even if that isn't any consolation, we still have quite a few good birds to sift through. Birds like YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER and NELSON'S
SPARROW. Also, Many shorebirds generally come through en masse later during spring migration, so we still have a bit of that to look forward to.

Looking forward into the next few days, winds will shift to become strongly westerly by tomorrow, and by Thursday, winds will have shifted to become strongly northerly again, so it looks like the nice long period of favorable conditions throughout the state will be coming to an abrupt halt tomorrow (Northern IL Wind Forecast: http://bit.ly/ZxyRq6, Southern IL Wind Forecast: http://bit.ly/124R3WX). We'll be keeping an eye out for the next favorable conditions.
A Partial View of IL's wind forecast by Thursday

To figure out which species to look for in your area, here are the eBird resources I've made a habit of sharing.
General IL charts: http://bit.ly/129Tru1
Make your own: http://bit.ly/129Tfed

Good stuff folks. Today's birds were largely the same as yesterday's, so I'm not spending too much time reporting on them.

Happy Birding!

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